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Licensed and Insured

It's your time and money, don't waste or jeopardize either one.

​Man Overboard prides itself on service quality, timeliness, professionalism and value of services provided. We believe you should know your service will be completed on time and done right. We invite you to review the services here on our site, keep in mind that our website doesn’t reflect all services we can provide to you and your vessel; for the most up to date selection, we recommend you call us and see how Man Overboard can serve you.

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Keeping the bottom of your boat clean and slick improves both fuel economy and handling. Unmitigated slime, grass and critters not only hurt the checkbook they cause fouled ports that can lead to larger more expensive issues with on-board systems that need clear water feeds. 


Inspections of Docks and pilings. Safety and knowledge of what's under the water is a critical need of home owners & marinas. Cost to repair, replace or make changes should be known. Inspections include a digital report that contain circumference measurements, high and low water depths, and any noted damage 

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Helix Mooring anchors have been providing secure anchoring for boat owners, harbormasters, and marine construction and civil engineering firms since 1992.

Helix Mooring anchors are proven to be cost-effective and environmentally sensitive solution.


At Man Overboard we offer a full range of services below the waterline, this includes:

  • inspection and  replacement of sacrificial anodes.

  • Maintenance of (MaxProp)

  • Bow thruster inspection,

  • inspection and cleaning of running gear  


There is nothing better than great service at a great price with no worry. At Man Overboard we offer service agreements that cover 6 month periods usually a summer or winter season. Customers who have signed up for our service agreement cleanings enjoy a minimum 15% discount on most services, and other benefits.

 Emergency Services:

There when you need us!

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Pick up a crab pot? Fouled a prop, Lost your anchor? drop a pair of sunglasses you just can't part with or the specialty tool for fixing your boat? From small jobs to vessel recovery call us we can help 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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