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Our customers who participate in our service program enjoy a minimum 15% discount off the prices below and many other benefits, if you are interested in an agreement please check the agreements page here

Anode replacement and other Services

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Anode replacement**:

At Man overboard the cost of anode replacements is a $65.00 install charge for up to 5 individual units, each additional unit is $10.00. 

A quick call or message to  Man Overboard will start the service request and we will purchase, install and bill for the anodes; you never even have to go to the store.  All anodes provided by MOB are replaced free of charge if lost. 

**Aluminum anodes are the recommended choice in most areas around the Charleston SC area based on water salinity, Aluminum anodes are what will be installed by Man Overboard unless otherwise requested.

Other services:

  • Propeller removal Hourly 

  • Propeller install Hourly

                 **added charge for prep / pick & delivery if needed 

  • MAX Prop service $85.00 includes grease and fitting

Most other services are billed at hourly rate are list below.

Dock & Piling Inspection

Hull inspection

Running gear inspection

Thruster inspection

Port inspection

Recovery and Salvage

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