Our customers who participate in our service program enjoy a minimum 15% discount off the prices below and many other benefits, if you are interested in an agreement please check the agreements page here

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Our hull cleaning pricing is based on a price per foot LOA no exceptions, mono hull sailing or power vessels with 1- 2 sets of running gear or outboards. All scheduling is done typically 3 or more days out, this allows our Service Program customers to be kept on schedule.

If service is needed immediately it is considered an emergency call and can incur an additional charges.  If you will be coming in town or just need a service done for the weekend call, text or email for service as far out as possible.


Service includes:

  • Clean all waterlines

  • Clean all surfaces below waterline

  • Clean running gear

  • Clean through hull fittings & ports

  • Inspect anodes / Zincs

  • Clean bow thruster

  • First time cleaning by quote and payment at time of or prior to service

  • Additional charges include but are not limited to:

  •  Catamaran / Pontoon Hulls +$0.25 per foot 

  • Tri toon hull +$0.35 per foot

  • Add. set of running gear rudder or outboard $10.00+

  • $25.00 Charge for failed or no bottom paint

0 - 27 Ft.

Up to 26.0 Feet

$76.00 Flat Rate*

27 - 38 FT.

26.0 - 38.0 Feet

$3.15 per Foot*

38 - 55 Ft.

38.0 - 50.0 Feet

$3.60 per Foot*

over 55 ft.

Over 55.0 feet

by Quote only*